Hvalpene efter Zila & Elvis  ('E-kuldet')


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Kælenavn: " Eddie "
Køn: Han
19. november 2004
Farve: Rød med Hvid
CH. Renegade's Zila
Srcky's Franstal Diplomat
Thomas Peter Knudsen /
Kennel Northern Amstaffs
Rasmus P - DK
Northern Amstaffs Eros

Greek mythology - Eros, the Greek god of love and sexual desire (the word eros, which is found in the Iliad by Homer, is a common noun meaning sexual desire). He was also worshiped as a fertility god, believed to be a contemporary of the primeval Chaos, which makes Eros one of the oldest gods. In the Dionysian Mysteries Eros is referred to as "protagonus", the first born.

Northern Amstaffs Eros ( 'Eddie' ) 3 måneder gammel.



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