Hvalpene efter Baby & Dobby  ('G-kuldet')

Billeder af de 8 'små' hvalpe.
14 dage gamle vejer de 1.200 - 1.500 gram.

(Baby fødte 8 hvalpe den 26. november 2006.
Der er 3 hanhunde (1 Rødbrindle, 1 sort & 1 Rød) og 5 tæver (2 Rødbrindle, 2 sorte & 1 Rød). Alle med hvide aftegninger.)


Northern Amstaffs Gefion Tævehvalp: Rød Brindle med hvide aftegninger
Gefion ("giver") - Norse muthology. Is an old-Scandinavian vegetation and fertility goddess, especially connected with the plough. She was considered the patron of virgins and the bringer of good luck and prosperity.


Northern Amstaffs Gauri Tævehvalp: Rød Brindle med hvide aftegninger
Gauri - Hindu mythology. An epithet of Devi in her mild form as the yellow or brilliant one. She is the good-hearted mother goddess. Gauri ("fair") is also known as Parvati and Uma the consort of Lord Shiva. She is depicted with a bowl of rice and a spoon.


Northern Amstaffs Gaia Tævehvalp: Sort med hvide aftegninger
Gaia - Greek mythology. Known as Earth or Mother Earth (the Greek common noun for "land" is ge or ga). She was an early earth goddess and it is written that Gaia was born from Chaos, the great void of emptiness within the universe, and with her came Eros.


Northern Amstaffs Gerd Tævehvalp: Sort med hvide aftegninger
Gerd - Norse mythology. Is a beautiful giantess, the wife of Freyr and daughter of the giant Gymir. She is an earth goddess, the personification of the fertile soil. She was so beautiful that the brightness of her naked arms illuminated both air and sea.


Northern Amstaffs Gula Tævehvalp: Rød med hvide aftegninger
Gula - Mesopotamian mythology. The Sumerian goddess of healing. Her husband is Ninurta. The dog is her symbolic animal. Gula is often identified with Nin'insina, the city goddess of Isin. She is also associated with the underworld.


Northern Amstaffs Garm Hanhvalp: Rød Brindle med hvide aftegninger
Garm - norse mythology. The monstrous hound Garm guards the entrance to Helheim, the Norse realm of the dead. It has four eyes and a chest drenched with blood, and lives in Gnipa-cave. Anyone who had given bread to the poor could appease him with Hel cake.


Northern Amstaffs Genius Hanhvalp: Sort med hvide aftegninger
Genius - Roman mythology. The genius was originally the family ancestor who lived in the underworld. Through the male members he secured the existence of the family. Later, the genius became more a protecting or guardian spirit for persons. These spirits guided and protected that person throughout his life.


Northern Amstaffs Geryon Hanhvalp: Rød med hvide aftegninger
Geryon - Greek mythology. He was a triple-bodied, winged giant who dwelt on the island of Erythea in the extreme west. He owned a herd of red cattle which was guarded by the two-headed hound Orthrus.



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